If you live in a wildfire-prone area, there are programs Ready, Set, Go! & Firewise Communities that can help you and your family stay safe should a fire rage through your community.

Ready, Set, Go helps you learn how to protect your home ahead of time, stay abreast of current fire dangers and evacuate safely if a wildfire is bearing down on your community. It's based on a three-prong approach.



Your home and family should be ready long before a wildfire ignites. Take advantage of Firewise Communities, a program that offers construction and landscaping techniques designed to help your home withstand a wildfire.

Make sure your family is ready, too, by developing a Wildfire Action Plan.



Prepare your Home

Prepare your Community

When a wildfire is headed your way, it’s time to start preparing to leave. Alert your family and friends. Stay tuned to news reports. Grab your emergency kit, and be ready to head out at a moment’s notice.

Make sure you know where you're going and what you're taking with you. The American Red Cross can provide shelter and basic necessities during a disaster and help you get back on your feet after it's over.

Once the fire is bearing down on you, there’s often nothing you can do but get out of its way. At this point, it’s time to go!

Don't wait. Evacuate early and you're more likley to avoid being caught in traffic jams or worse  trapped by smoke and fire.